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▣ Broadhead Blades
Woojin Precision Company is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of Bow hunting blades.
We provide more Broadheads than any other supplier due to our innovation, experience, and technical sales approach.
Here is why these blades are so successful
- Unique designs
- Outstanding material
- Precise hardness
- Ultra keen sharpness
- Ability to meet difficult tolerances
▣ New Product
 These blades are used in the Meat & Poultry industry to cut the meat from the bone with a wide range of machine types
 Slitting blade
 These slitter blades are ideal for Paper, Film, Foil, Food dough, Skin tissue¡¦etc.
 Snap-off Cutter
 These snap-off cutter blades are known for their durability and excellent performance
▣ Product
 Scraper blade
  Our line of Scraper blades includes three mainstays for the flooring industry. Any size and length of these blades are available according to customer's request.
 Utility knives & Trimmer
 Our heavy-duty utility blade is designed to cut corrugated material, drywall, plastics, and rubber.
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